Image from my library

Image from my library

Image from my library
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Reality, 1999 Virtual Reality, 1999 Space, 1999 WARNING file size- 1.4M

2003 Calendar

Shadows, 1999 Dreamlandscapes, 1998 Poles, 1980
Dreamlandscapes 2, 1999 Autobiography, 1999 Paradoxical Pairs, 2000
Black and White Gallery
Ink Blots, 2001 Perception, 2001 Dreamlandscapes 3, 2001

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Here is a link to the new home page NEW HOME PAGE I have also added a photo-book to the Black and White Gallery (Illinois). This book is over 100 pages long.

If all goes well with the new home page, I will switch to it soon. This change is because I would like the home page to load faster and be easier to navigate. This 'old' home page has been the same for almost 5 years.

I also welcome any comments or thoughts concerning These images.
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