The book will be produced
someday. Not a real book
printed by a publisher,
but a one of a kind art book.

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By: Jon Norris.

I would try to point
out that they also have
to kill more plants in
order sustain all of
the Vegetarians. He
would reply that plants
are a very "low" from of
life. I would say that
"We really do not know".
They are a different
kind of life. If you do
not want to kill, then
become a "Synthevore.
"And on and on and on etc.

At least our discussions
resulted in this series.

This whole thing was
conceived due to a fanatic.
You could not hold a normal
conversation with this person.
No matter what the subject,
this person always changed the
conversation to why he is a
vegetarian. You could be talking
about Football and the next
thing you know, he comments that
they had to kill a cow in
order to make the leather
in my shoes.

The Enchanted Forest


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