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If the Red Shift Horizon were to
"Wrap" immediately, then does this
mean objects in our current sky
which are 180 degrees apart near their
respective horizon could in fact be
located very near each other.

Is the final goal during ones
existence of being
to reach zero?

Philosophy of Relativity

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If the Red Shift horizon
were to wrap, then any ship
which travels in a straight line
will always return to its source.

The Philosophy of Relativity
is the assumption that physical
laws of this universe
also relate to our
existence of being.

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Is there a Red Shift horizon?

Do the laws of nature directly
relate to the conduct of
life itself?

Any pair of lines are parallel
from a specific point of view.

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If you were to fly a Spaceship over
the Red Shift horizon, then continued
to fly in the same direction,
would you return to Earth?

Is each action negated by an
equal and opposite reaction
during ones existance of being?


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