This series is
supposed to represent
afterimages by many
victims. Now the title
needs to be plural.
I choose the name
"20 Final Visions
at Armageddon"

Final Visions-(afterimages)
Armageddon-(Nuclear War)

Title is too long
Shorten to "Final Visions"

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By: Jon Norris.

This "Afterimage"
resembled one of
my abstract Black
and White Photographs.

I can do a series based
on this Afterimage
concept. The title
should be "Afterimage"
but since this title has
probably been used many
times before, I must
think of another name.

Remember the mid
to late Eighties?

Ronald was President
and the USSR was
still a threat

I had a dream where
a closeby Nuclear
detonation left an
afterimage of the
Final Vision, as I
woke up.

Final Visions


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