The original was 8.5 by 11
inch size in a spiral bound
format. The pages are card
stock with the photos
dry mounted onto them.

This series was a milestone
for myself as an artist.
It set a standard as well
as reference for most of
my future works.

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By: Jon Norris.

As I was completing this photo
book, I suddenly decided to
redo "Portfolio One" as a book.
"I would show up at the Final
Class with TWO books." The
'Surprise' book, 31 Realms
was very well received.

I fell in love with the
photo book format and have
been doing them on a regular
basis ever since.

The original "31 Realms" book
is in Fair to Poor shape due to
twenty years of wear and tear.

Back in the late Seventies,
I attended Orange Coast
College which is located
in Costa Mesa, California.
During the Spring of 1977,
I took an "Art Photo" class
taught by Martha Rosler.
During this class, I produced a
slide/music show presentation
titled "Portfolio One".

In the Summer of 1977,
I took a "Photo Book" class.
taught by Arthur Taussig.
During this class, I choose
to document Belmont Park
in San Diego California. This
Photobook/series titled
A Rollercoaster for Future
Memories of the Past.

31 Realms


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