Self Portrait

December, 1999

Recent Hand Held, End of Roll Self Portrait- Copyright, 1999

When I began this autobiography, I spent alot of time going through my image library, looking for "Self Portraits". I was surprised on how few I found. Over the past year, I have gotten into the practice of shooting a self portrait as the last image on a roll, since this frame is occasionally damaged during processing.

Self Timer Portrait- Copyright,1980 (while working on Poles)

Back in the 70's, I was an optimistic student who believed that someday, I would be well known and be able to have shows of my work, and sell photographs as Fine-Art.

Recent Self Timer Portrait(Compose the Photo, then step into shot)- Copyright, 1999

I am currently a "Health-Nut". I watch my diet, regularly take Aerobic Classes and also use resistance training. I am totally "cut" with less than 7% body fat. (When I am not taking pictures, I can be found at Bally's Total Fitness)

Recent Hand Held, End of Roll Self Portrait- Copyright, 1999

As I age into my 40's, I realize that the good would not be "Good" without the bad. For example, If I average shooting a 42 for nine holes of Golf, then one day shoot a 49, I do not feel bad about the 49, because without ever shooting the 49, my "Great" score of 37 would not seem so Great. The same goes for Photography. If you look at all of the images in Photo Log- The Thin Building (unedited shoot), you will see the Good with the Bad.

Recent Self Timer Portrait (Compose the Photo, then step into shot)- Copyright, 1999

What if I were famous? Well this does not matter in the large scheme of things. In 100 years, who will remember me? In 500 years, who will remember me?, etc. The only benefit that I could receive from fame would be to perhaps make a living by doing fine-art photography.

Self Portrait


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