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March, 1977

Recently, I was sorting through boxes of old stuff. I discovered two important documents, both dating from the year 1977. This was a very important time for me as an artist, because that is when I decided that I wanted to become a Fine-art Photographer. The first document that I found was a Photo-diary, titled "Journal". (I will post this document when I complete transcribing it) The second document was titled "Photo Log". It began with roll 77-13 (the 13th roll that I shot in 1977) and ended with roll 77-18. I decided to post the first "Shoot" (The Thin Building) from this document. The comments that I made in 1977 are placed below each image, using a blue font. I have also added my current thoughts using a mouse-over text window. In the future, I may add additional "Shoots" to this document. When I have completed all six rolls, I may continue with other "Shoots" with only my current thoughts. Please note that I include all images from each shoot, even the bad ones. If I bracket the same shot, then I will only show one image. All images (as always with my work) are shown full frame. All of my work is always printed full frame. I will only crop (rarely) if absolutely necessary such as for a defect on the negative. The image composed in the viewfinder is always meant to be the final crop.

The Thin Building

What a crummy shot to begin my first Photo Log with.

I like the place across from where I was parked. Oops, a Car.

Roll 77-13, frame 00

This shot is horrible, even without the car.

Retook same, made sure no car this time.

Roll 77-13, frame 01

Not a great beginning. Four frames, four bad shots.

Same shot, Vertical.

Roll 77-13, frames 02 and 03 (bracket)

Shall I say six frames, six bad shots?

The Oil Well Tower. I have shot it before, today from a different angle.

Roll 77-13, frames 04 and 05 (bracket)

Hang in there, it gets better from here.

Have arrived at my subject-matter. The first one may as well be a long shot.

Roll 77-13, frame 06

They are getting better.

Again, but Vertical. Seclude building at top, use lines and open space at bottom.

Roll 77-13, frame 07

This is more like-it!

Here is the shot that I came for. The 'After shot' for 'Neapolitan'.

Roll 77-13, frame 08

Wow, classic Norris composition! One of best shots on roll.

Try it Vertical.

Roll 77-13, frame 09

Probably not as good as frame 8 (above).

And a little closer in.

Roll 77-13, frame 10


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