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The following text has been copied verbatim from the original document. The Journal Introduction is also included as a link. The Journal introduction was written on 11/14/77. This introduction reviewed my life in Photography. Then the next section gave a quick overview of the past year (12/76 through 6/77) which I begin this page with (below). This journal was kept from 11/14/77 through 11/22/78. I appeared to lose interest in maintaining such a document, since there are fewer entries toward the end. This journal was kept in a spiral notebook with an Orange Coast College logo on the cover. I recall that this notebook was a very prized possession at the time. The text is written with very long (poorly structured) sentences. I will add my current thoughts with black text.

11/14/77 This is the beginning of document.
Recent, from 12/76 - 6/77 I rolled along steadly turning out work, which had no content except similar in composition. Much of this work later, in 7/77 made into "31 Realms".

I felt while doing (in 7/77) 31 realms, that doing it would be a big accomplishment, and that upon its completion (along with the Rollercoaster book) that I could do anything I wanted. This 1/2 year was like a learning period, or basic training for myself. I thought that I would need a rest period\from taking pictures. This rest period lasted almost a month (8/77).

Photography has now become like an instinct to me, I can now go out and shoot a roll and have 10 good shots on it. A picture that I couldn't get after struggling in 74 was like childs-play now, a picture wasn't even a challenge any more.

All artists must at times think that they are great, because I do, and that is what keeps me going. At times, I picture myself to Photography, what the Beatles were to music. At the level of awareness that I am right now, I realize that its dreams like this that keeps them (me) going. Sometimes when I get depressed, I think that my stuff is really bad, and feel like quitting. This usually happens after seeing good work by another photographer.

After my rest (Sept. 77), I took off on a Photo trip to San Fransisco, starting my Door series.

11/16/77 (This Photo trip was taken in September 1977)
Door at the Golden Gate Door at the Golden Gate Door at 31 Realms

The trip was fun, I took off on Thursday noon, I drove north on the Ventura Freeway. I wanted to get out of the hustle-bustle of the city before I stopped and took any shots. In mid-afternoon, I saw the perfect fence, along that stretch of highway outside Oxnard, which is lined with Eucyliptus trees. I was now getting out of the reach of L.A. radio, pushed a tape into the deck, but the heads were so dirty that no music came out. When I got to Santa Barbara I stopped at a Radio Shack and bought Head Cleaner, ate at Mc Donalds, and left the city via San Marcos pass. I tried to get to Santa Maria before sunset, so that I might get to Guatalupe sand dunes before dark, but no-going. It was dark. On highway 111, I shot the tree with Door. I spent the night at the beach. In the morning, I shot some sand dunes shots and left for Pismo, drove down to the pier, but all of the Pinball arcades were closed. I then drove up Highway 1, through Big Sur and arrives at Point Lobos at low tide, shot shots. I then drove to Santa Cruz, found the Roller Coaster, bought tickets, and rode it a couple of times. I then went down to the Boardwalk to an arcade. Evel Knievel was the new Hot machine, but I was content tp play Sky Jump, which I tore apart. Now its getting dark. I went (edit) back to the Roller Coaster, and rode it and rode it. I got the front car a couple of times, it was great. Later (edit), I drove over to Palo Alto, went into the arcade (Time Zone) and played a prototype of Argosy, then I spent the night in a rest stop 20 miles outside S.F. The next morning, I shot the Door at the Golden Gate, then drove straight home, got home Sunday morning, then I went to the Costa Mesa Grand Prix (same day) and shot the series of arrows and bicycle shadows.

After the trip, I liked the photos so much that I decided to make them into a book and call the book: "The Door", but I needed more shots, so I shot "Door Shots" for the next couple of months. Since the object does not look like a Door, I scrapped calling the book "The Door". Possible other titles included: "A Piece of Junk", "Junk", "Antriconda", and "Trauma". I stuck with the last one "TRAUMA". I made the decision in late October. I had always planned for a color cover, but got more than I bargained for when I saw the proof sheet from 77-60 last week (shot in mid October). I decided to use two of them 776002 and 776003.
776002 776003

These were not used in Trauma

Digester at Orange County #1 Digester with 4 Pipes at Orange County #1

Now it is pretty much up to date, but I will go back and pick up the things missed from time-to-time, when the occasion calls for it.

On Wednesday 11/15/77 after work experience (at Los Coyotes) (I was in training to be a Water/Sewer Plant Operator) I stopped at C.P.S. to pick up 2 rolls thqat I had left there on Monday. One of the roll that I had just shot 1 week ago from that day. On 11/8/77, I shot a roll of Digesters at work experience (Orange County #1). I remember this well, because when I got there in the morning, I was impressed by the photo possibilities there, so I decided to go home for lunch and get my camera. I only live 2 miles from the plant. I only had to go through one light to get home. The other roll was one that I found behing my seat, and must have been the roll of the door with shadows of light poles, that I shot about 1 month ago, that I was missing.

The negatives looked great, the best batch in awhile. Last night (Thursday 11/16/77) I printed the negatives of the 2 rolls. The Digester shots looked great, along with a couple of Door and Shadow shots. My first 2 favorites are the one Digester with 4 Pipes draining into one Drain, and the horizontal of the shadow in foreground, and a Freeway in background. I think I will use the one with the Shadow for our Art Photo class assignment about a fictional photo, and call it "Shadow; A UFO Landing".

Shadow; A UFO Landing Storage Tanks at Oil Refinery

On last Saturday, I went to a display of Trucks of the future (79 + 80 models probably) and had to answer questions about them, after that I headed for Tom's house (in San Pedro). Along the way I shot pictures of the storage tanks at an Oil Refinery in Carson, and planned on how I would like to shoot the shots of that huge Refinery for 76 Oil, in San Pedro. I will use a View Camera and Color Film, shooting from Gaffey ???, looking in at morning or late afternoon. This will be my first project when I get a View Camera. (I never got a View Camera)

Today was a pretty bad day, I saw Aurther Taussig (Photo Instructor at O.C.C.) at lunch, and that was the only thing that made it, other-wise it was just boring wastewater lectures all day.

Tommorrow I will deliver a machine to Ralph, 2nd I will collect money from Brucker at Cars of the Stars (He owes me $50). Then maybe a roll of Door shots, if not that, I will work on the term project- Slide show for class.(This explains why I suddenly shot so many slides in late 1977)

Saturday 11/ /77 (No day date was entered, I assume that it was 11/26/77)

Slide Show Term Project- Railroad Car Slide Show Term Project- Yellow Pipes

Its Saturday night, and the long weekend is coming to a close. The 1st 1/2 of the week, I was non-productive. On Wednesday, I gave my slide show, and the photos blew-em-away. It was fun, and I brezzed through the slides. Thursday was Thanksgiving, so I planned on Friday for shooting all day. Friday morning, I decided to gice Ralph Carnevale (A friend of mine who owned a Bicycle Shop) a quick visit, but ended up staying at the Bike Shop till noon, fixing a machine. I left, and decided to head up the "605" Freeway, and give Brucker a visit at Cars of the Stars. (In Buena Park)I ended up staying there till dark, working on machines. I set out to get a significant image (I had a feeling for the past month, that over Thanksgiving week-end, that I would get a great image), and it was dark. I opened the door of my truck, then I saw it "The Door with the lighted Juniper plant" shot, I took several I went home.(Shot did not come out) This morning, I had to go to Covina and make a service call at Wolfies. It was a super clear day, and I took the 57 Freeway to the 210 and got off on Covina Blvd. I ended up shooting most of the roll today, on the trip to Covina and back. To start off, just seconds after I left home, I came upon this "Branch stuck in the hole of a Manhole Cover" and ended up my shooting with a couple of shots on Lone Pine Road, between Arrow Highway and Covina Blvd.

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