Favorite Images


by Jon Norris- Copyright, 1977

My favorite early (through 1981) Black and White image is 772117fx. Shot in early 1977, at age 21.

I titled this photo "Los Endos" after a Genesis song from the album Trick of the Tail. I will never forget the reaction that I got to this image when I first showed it in Martha Rosler's "Art Photo" class.

by Jon Norris- Copyright, 1979

My favorite early (through 1981)Color Image. Shot in early 1979, at age 23

This photo was an accident. I was just trying to compose an abstract scene. I really liked the way that the Fence divided the Photo into two separate images. This image served as a model for the "Poles" series to follow the next year.

by Jon Norris- Copyright, 1999

My favorite recent (since 1982) Black and White image is 995619sx.

I shot this Photo last summer while visiting my parents. We drove from Eugene Oregon (where they live) to the Shakesphere resort town of Ashland Oregon. I took along a couple rolls of film. I also had a roll of Black and White Infrared. This was the only roll of Infrared that I would shoot this year.

by Jon Norris- Copyright, 1998

My favorite recent (since 1982) Color is 98g218cn.

I have always been fasinated with shadows. Sometimes, these shadows perform Magic in my images.

My favorite image, by Jon Norris- Copyright, 1977

This is my favorite image to date (through December, 1999).

I remember the first time that I saw this image. I thought WOW! This is why I do Photography. and why I will continue to do Photography.

Favorite Images

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